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10 Best Things to Do in Cebu (2023 Update)

Dive into a world where lush landscapes meet vibrant culture, where historic relics live amongst thriving modernity – welcome to Cebu, the jewel of the Philippines. With an endless list of thrilling adventures, pinpointing just a few ‘things to do in Cebu’ can be like finding a starfish in an endless ocean.

But don’t worry, we’ve done the deep diving for you. Unearth the top 10 things to do in Cebu in our 2023 guide, promising a concoction of exciting escapades and serene sights that you’ll remember forever.

Heads up: There will be some affiliate links. These help us earn through our website through our partner’s programs so we can continue doing what we love sustainably. Still, we will only mention activities that we believe will be fun for you and your family and friends too!

1. Go on a Bluewater Sumilon Day Tour

Go on a Bluewater Sumilon Day Tour

Bluewater Sumilon Day Tour provides a delightful taste of island paradise in Cebu. Its offerings are plentiful, from exploring marine sanctuaries perfect for snorkeling, and caves for the adventurous, to kayaking opportunities in the lagoons and scenic hiking trails. While the beach and infinity pool are exceptional, the buffet lunch could use more variety.

Address: Oslob, Cebu

Phone: (032) 481 0801

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2. Take a Cebu Safari and Adventure Park Adventure

Take a Cebu Safari and Adventure Park Adventure

The Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is a fantastic destination for family bonding, offering a unique experience with beautiful animals and accommodating staff. Though the adventure rides may be missed, the park’s vast attractions, which can easily be explored with their handy jeep service, make it worth every penny. Highlights include the mesmerizing Bird Show and the majestic White Lions. The clean, well-furnished, and air-conditioned cabins are a bonus!

Address: Barangay Corte, Toril, Carmen, 6005 Cebu

Phone: (032) 520 4800

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3. Go Oslob Whale Shark Snorkeling and Badian Canyoneering

Go Oslob Whale Shark Snorkeling and Badian Canyoneering

Embark on an exciting adventure at the Oslob Whale Shark Snorkeling and Badian Canyoneering Adventure, which is perfect for thrill-seekers. From cliff jumping to swinging, each activity promises a heart-racing experience. The tour guides brilliantly capture these moments, making for fantastic keepsakes. Observing the breathtaking whale sharks, managed by the dedicated locals, is an experience to cherish for both local and foreign tourists. An absolute must-do activity that leaves you with precious memories.

Address: Natalio Bacalso Ave, Tan-Awan, Oslob, Cebu

Phone: 0933 879 1319

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4. Visit the Cebu Ocean Park

Visit the Cebu Ocean Park

Immerse yourself in the marine wonders of Cebu Ocean Park. Although the entrance fee might seem steep, the experience and sights within certainly justify the cost. It boasts an expansive area, larger than Manila Ocean Park, brimming with varied attractions. Enjoy engaging shows, like the impressive bird display, or indulge in a unique fish spa experience. The underwater restaurant offers a romantic ambience perfect for dates. Positioned conveniently near SM Seaside Cebu, this destination is ideal for families and couples, with plenty to see and adorable creatures to meet. Highly recommended!

Address: SM Seaside Complex, F. Vestil St, Cebu City, Cebu

Phone: (032) 888 5288

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5. Try Out Mactan Water Sports Activities

Try Out Mactan Water Sports Activities

For thrill-seekers visiting Mactan, the Water Sports Activities offer an adrenaline-fueled adventure. With either a 3-in-1 or 5-in-1 package, guests get to engage in a variety of water activities like parasailing, jet ski riding, and banana boat riding. Convenience is key, with hotel pick-up and drop-off included, and the safe, professional equipment provided. The real challenge is deciding which exhilarating ride to experience first! Perfect for adventurers and first-timers alike, this exhilarating experience is a Cebu trip highlight and the parasailing is truly unforgettable.

Address: Mactan, Cebu

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6. Head Over to Pororo Park Cebu

Head Over to Pororo Park Cebu

Pororo Park Cebu is a delightful destination that ensures fun for all ages. Not only is it engaging for kids, but it also keeps adults entertained. The park maintains an excellent standard of cleanliness and safety, ensuring a comfortable environment for visitors. There might be occasional closures for upkeep even during play hours, but the overall experience remains exciting and enjoyable. It’s a must-visit for family fun in Cebu!

Address: M.L. Quezon Highway, Brgy.Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines

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7. Take on The Reef Spa Experience

Take on The Reef Spa Experience

The Reef Spa is an oasis of tranquility, providing a fantastic spa experience amidst a serene environment. Its professional staff and traditional treatments, elevated with bespoke botanical and natural aromatherapy oils, are a luxury that’s worth the trip. This experience is surprisingly affordable, especially considering its location within a premium hotel. Whether you’re a guest or just dropping by, missing out on this rejuvenating experience would be a loss.

Address: Dapdap, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015, Cebu Philippines

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8. Try the Kawasan Falls Tour

Kawasan Falls Tour

Kawasan Falls Tour is a thrilling experience that we highly recommend for adventure seekers. With patient guides leading the way, the tour presents captivating views of lush waterfalls and clear green waters perfect for diving. The bonus of a delicious lunch at the end of a day packed with extreme fun adds to the appeal. It’s a must-try if you’re seeking a short yet unforgettable adventure.

Address: Alegria, Cebu

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9. Go For a Day Tour to Different Shrines and Temples

Go For a Day Tour to Different Shrines and Temple

Taking a day tour to places like Simala Shrine, the Taoist Temple, and more is an enriching experience that we strongly endorse. Especially captivating with a knowledgeable guide who wonderfully narrates the histories of century-old cathedrals and the origins of each site visited. We found this tour that’s meticulously planned, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey that’s truly memorable. A resounding thumbs up for this superb tour and our highly recommended guide.

Address: Barangay Simala, Natalio B. Bacalso S National Hwy, Sibonga, Cebu

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10. Book a Plantation Bay Day Tour

Book a Plantation Bay Day Tour

The Day Tour at Plantation Bay offers a tropical paradise escape we couldn’t resist. With an abundance of activities, the spectacular lagoons and pools were especially enjoyable. We relished the opportunity to take stunning photos and indulge in their well-crafted set course lunch. A day spent lazing around in this oasis is an unforgettable experience we wholeheartedly recommend.

Address: Marigondon, Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the ultimate guide to the must-do ‘things to do in Cebu’. Whether you chose to chase waterfalls, feast on delectable street food, delve into history or partake in a thrilling island hopping adventure, you’ve truly embarked on an unforgettable journey.

The beauty of Cebu is not just in its captivating sights but also in the warmth of its people. So, pack your spirit of adventure and come to experience Cebu, where every turn is a new story, every moment a fresh thrill. See you on the other side of the wonder!

Looking for other things to do in the Visayas? Why not visit Iloilo and see the famous Iloilo River Esplanade or book a trip to Boracay next? There’s so much to do when you’re in the heart of the Philippines!

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