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Delsey Luggage: Is It Worth It? (Review, Prices, Comparisons)

Travelers have a paramount choice of luggage, so much so that it can sometimes be overwhelming. While there are countless brands vying for the attention of the avid traveler, few can boast the longevity and prestige of Delsey Luggage.

Delsey Paris has managed to etch its name in the annals of travel. For travelers looking to invest in quality luggage, understanding the true value of Delsey is essential. In this review, we’ll delve deep into the world of Delsey luggage, exploring its unique offerings, characteristics, and reasons behind its esteemed reputation.

What is Delsey Luggage?

Delsey is a Paris-based company that has been in the business of crafting luggage since 1946. Originally a producer of leather camera cases, Delsey soon expanded into the luggage realm, realizing the potential to produce innovative and durable travel gear. Today, the name “Delsey luggage” has become synonymous with quality, elegance, and durability.

Delsey Luggage

Delsey has introduced multiple patents in luggage design as it focuses on innovation on top of its elegant design. Some of its groundbreaking innovations include a four-wheeled spinner system and a unique brake system designed to keep luggage from drifting away on slopes.

Beyond its function, Delsey’s pieces also exude a certain Parisian charm, making them a favorite among those who prioritize both form and function. For the traveler who craves reliability paired with chic design, Delsey luggage emerges as a prime choice, delivering a blend of both worlds without compromise.

If you’re traveling domestically to the beautiful beaches of Palawan or heading out internationally to find fun things to do in Bangkok, a Delsey suitcase is an investment in peace of mind and style.

Our Experience with Delsey Luggage

Before the pandemic, our family mostly traveled in threes (it was just us— your Embrace the Epic founders and our eldest daughter). Then our youngest was born, which meant we needed more luggage space for when we hopped around destinations.

We went to Hong Kong as a family of four plus one (we brought our nanny along with us), so we had to get a larger luggage. We went for the XL Delsey Moncey, and it’s served us well so far. What we love about it is the material and design. They’re also relatively durable, which is really important if you’re riding lots of budget airlines.

So far, we love Delsey, and we thought we’d share some of our experience and research when looking into the brand. Hopefully, this full run-down on Delsey’s luggage and suitcases will help you see if it’s worth buying for your own travels.

What Makes Delsey Luggage Unique?

Amid a market saturated with luggage brands, Delsey has consistently stood out. But what precisely sets Delsey luggage apart from the competition, especially for those seeking the best travel companion? Let’s explore the distinctive features and qualities that have earned Delsey its exceptional reputation:

  • Innovative Design & Patents – Delsey isn’t just a luggage manufacturer; it’s an innovator. Over the years, the brand has actually secured multiple patents. One of the most impressive for us during our research was the Zip SECURI TECH®. This unique zip system is 41 times more resilient than a standard zipper, ensuring that belongings are kept safe and secure (though we ended up going for the Moncey, which doesn’t need zippers).
  • Quality Materials – Delsey’s dedication to quality is evident in its choice of materials. From durable polycarbonate to rugged ballistic nylon, the brand ensures each piece is made to withstand the rigors of travel. This commitment to durability means fewer worries about wear and tear, especially when navigating the varied terrains.
  • Parisian Elegance – Delsey luggage carries with it the unmistakable air of Parisian sophistication, given its French origins. The designs are sleek, timeless, and radiate elegance, making sure travelers don’t just travel — they make a statement.
  • Function – Delsey has always been a brand that believes in the blend of form and function. Features such as inbuilt TSA-approved locks, expandable compartments, and efficient wheel systems make traveling hassle-free. It’s these thoughtful touches that amplify the user experience.
  • Environmentally Conscious – Recognizing the need for sustainable practices, Delsey has ventured into producing eco-friendly luggage lines. Using recycled materials and ensuring ethical manufacturing processes, the brand showcases its commitment not just to travelers but to the planet as well.
  • After-Sales Support – While Delsey’s luggage is built to last, should any issues arise, their commendable after-sales service ensures that customers are not left in the lurch.Having reliable after-sales support means that investing in a Delsey piece is a commitment to a long-term relationship.

Some Recommended Delsey Luggage

Here are some of the brands we were looking at (and looking to collect! One down, five to go. :P).

Moncey Black Blue 69cm


Moncey is a fortress of durability and combines robust design with sleek aesthetics for the pragmatic traveler.

St. Tropez Ultramarine

St. Tropez

Imbued with Riviera elegance, St. Tropez marries style and functionality for the discerning voyager.

Freestyle Almond


Freestyle is the epitome of modern travel sophistication and is one of the most lightweight Delsey luggage options.

Clavel Storm

Clavel Storm

Clavel Storm offers durability and security without compromising on style.


Shadow 5.0

Shadow boosts enhanced security features wrapped in a contemporary shell.

Chatelet Air 2.0 Blue

Chatelet Air 2.0

Catelet Air 2.0 ensures mobility and provides seamless travel for those on the move.

Delsey Luggage’s Top Features Reviewed

When it comes to investing in quality luggage, especially in a diverse and dynamic market, it’s imperative to break down the features that matter the most. Let’s dissect the top features of Delsey luggage to provide a comprehensive view:


Delsey offers a wide range of sizes tailored for different travel needs. From compact carry-ons perfect for weekend getaways to larger checked luggage suitable for extended vacations, there’s a size for every type of traveler. Moreover, Delsey keeps in mind international airline restrictions, ensuring most of its carry-ons are compliant with overhead bin standards. This versatility means whether you’re flying domestically or internationally; there’s a Delsey piece to match your journey’s length and purpose.****


The foundation of any luggage’s longevity is its material, and Delsey doesn’t skimp in this department. With options ranging from robust polycarbonate for hard-shell suitcases to durable and water-resistant ballistic nylon for soft-sided ones, the brand ensures top-tier protection for travelers’ belongings. These materials not only resist the usual wear and tear but also weather the occasional rough handling during transit, providing an extra layer of security.


Delsey’s thoughtful design approach shines when it comes to storage. Many models come with expandable compartments, allowing travelers to fit in those last-minute purchases. Internal dividers, tie-down straps, and multiple pockets ensure that everything has its place, leading to organized packing and easy access. For travelers who love to shop during their trips, the added storage flexibility is a godsend.


While function is crucial, Delsey doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. Infused with Parisian elegance, each piece, whether a carry-on or a checked suitcase, exudes a blend of modernity and timeless design. The color palette ranges from classic blacks and navies to vibrant reds and metallics, catering to both the conservative and the adventurous traveler.


Navigating through crowded airports or bustling city streets becomes a breeze with Delsey’s mobility features. Their spinner wheel systems are designed for effortless maneuverability, ensuring the luggage glides smoothly in any direction. Telescopic handles, often ergonomically designed, ensure that travelers can comfortably wheel their luggage around without straining their arms or backs.

Climate Adaptability

It’s essential for luggage to withstand varying weather conditions. Delsey’s hard-shell luggage options, with their water-resistant properties, make them a suitable choice for such unpredictable climates. The tight sealing also prevents humidity from seeping in, protecting your belongings from potential moisture damage.

Security Features

Traveling entails its share of risks, including potential theft or tampering. Delsey addresses these concerns with integrated TSA-approved locks in many of its models. This feature not only ensures added security but also allows for hassle-free checks at international airports, where TSA agents can inspect the luggage without causing any damage.

Warranty and Repairs

Delsey stands by the quality of its products, offering warranties that cover manufacturing defects. It helps a lot to understand the terms of these warranties and the locations of authorized repair centers. Knowing that the brand supports its products instills confidence in the purchase.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

While professional reviews, such as this one, provide a structured insight, it’s also beneficial to peruse customer reviews. Hearing from those who have firsthand experience with Delsey luggage in local contexts can offer valuable perspectives.

Pros and Cons of Delsey Luggage

When evaluating any product, it’s essential to weigh both its strengths and potential shortcomings. Here’s a balanced overview of the pros and cons associated with Delsey luggage:


  1. Delsey luggage is made out of high-quality materials like polycarbonate and ballistic nylon, making it built to withstand the test of time and rigorous travel conditions.
  2. Delsey’s pieces are aesthetically pleasing and extra stylish.
  3. Innovations like TSA-approved locks and patented zipper technology pioneer features that enhance security and user experience.
  4. Maneuvering Delsey luggage is generally a hassle-free experience.
  5. Several Delsey models offer expandable compartments, allowing travelers to pack more when needed – a boon for those who return from trips with more than they left with.
  6. Delsey’s commitment to customers extends beyond the purchase, with impressive warranties and responsive after-sales service.


  1. Delsey luggage can be on the pricier side. For those on a tight budget, this can be a significant consideration.
  2. ome Delsey hard-shell models can be slightly heavier compared to other brands, which might be a concern for those who want to maximize their weight allowance, especially on airlines with strict baggage limits.
  3. Depending on the region or country, certain Delsey models or collections might not be readily available. This might require potential buyers to order internationally, incurring additional shipping fees.
  4. While many appreciate the Parisian elegance of Delsey’s pieces, design is subjective. Some might prefer a more minimalist or different aesthetic.

Delsey Luggage Price: Is the Brand Expensive?

When considering a luggage purchase, price plays a pivotal role for many travelers. As for Delsey, it’s essential to recognize where the brand stands in the pricing spectrum and understand the factors that contribute to its cost.

Price Range

Delsey offers a diverse range of luggage, from compact carry-ons to larger suitcases. This variety means there’s a spread in price points. While entry-level models start at a more accessible range, the premium collections with advanced features and materials can command a higher price tag.

Comparison with Other Brands

When stacked against other luggage brands:

  • Budget Brands: Delsey is notably more expensive than budget luggage brands. However, the price difference is often justified by superior materials, craftsmanship, and features that Delsey offers.
  • Mid-range Brands: Delsey often aligns with or slightly surpasses mid-range brands in terms of price. However, given the brand’s legacy, innovative features, and design ethos, many see it as offering better value for money.
  • Luxury Brands: There are luxury luggage brands in the market that come with a heftier price tag than Delsey. Compared to these, Delsey can be seen as offering a premium experience without the ultra-luxury price.

The Verdict: Is Delsey Luggage Worth It?

Choosing the right luggage is more than just a matter of preference; it’s an investment in your future travels. After all, it’s a travel essential you can’t do without. The decision hinges not just on aesthetics or price but on the cumulative value the product brings over its lifetime.

For travelers seeking durability, innovation, and style, Delsey offers an attractive proposition, even if it comes at a slightly higher price than budget options. So what do you think? Do you believe the Delsey luggage is worth it?

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